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How to Make Money with a Blog: simple 5 Ways

How to Make Money with a Blog: simple 5 Ways


If you've made the decision to start blogging and make money from it, you're undoubtedly wondering what the best techniques are to monetize a blog. For a new blogger, it can be really overwhelming, I know.

However, there are numerous simple methods you may use to monetize your blog from the start. I'm going to show you how to combine many alternatives to monetize your site today.


 Google AdSense Detailed Review

I used to believe that employing advertisements was the only method to monetize a blog when I was just starting out. But I was mistaken.


Having numerous sources of income is crucial. Ads are not your only option (or any other of the options I am about to show you). You can always have a good quantity of money if you have numerous streams of income, even if one of them disappears or becomes less lucrative.


Of course, you don't have to use every monetization technique I'll show you in this article. However, be sure to rely on several. Never put your entire life's work in one basket.


Let's get started with my five suggestions for making money from your blog right away.

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  • Let's start with the one that is the most obvious and that every new blogger is familiar with advertising. It's an easy way to get passive revenue because, after the ads are placed, you are effectively left inactive.
  • When people view or click on your advertising, you are paid. Several things will affect how much you get paid:
  • Your traffic is crucial to the success of your adverts. Your earnings increase as more people view your blog's adverts and visit it.
  • The amount of money you can expect to make depends on your niche. In other markets, including real estate and banking, some advertisers are prepared to spend more on advertising.


 Google AdSense Detailed Review


Your advertising network: not all networks pay equally. You can join better networks and receive higher pay if you satisfy specific standards.


The season: You won't make the same amount of money every month of the year. Due to increased advertising spending over the holidays, bloggers typically make more money from their ads.



You can only sign up for Google Adsense, which has no traffic restrictions, as a newbie. Once your traffic increases, you can apply to more premium networks like Mediavine or Monumetric (10k pageviews are required) (25k sessions required).


Should you start earning money from advertisements right away? My response is no. Consider the user experience. The compensation threshold for Google Adsense is $100, and it doesn't pay that much.


You'll just make $2 to $5 per month in the beginning because there won't be much traffic. Before earning $100 from Adsense, you'll most likely reach 10,000 pageviews. Wait till you get more visitors, and in the interim, concentrate on your content.


Start with Pinterest instead if you want to join a premium network and quickly improve your traffic. For immediate results, I advise enrolling in a course that is reasonably priced. Since I started the "Pinterest with Ell" course, my monthly pageviews have increased by three times. Another fantastic course with many excellent reviews is Pinterest Simplified, which is also reasonably priced.



Affiliate Marketing


An other fantastic approach to monetize your site is through affiliate marketing. Because you don't have to start from scratch, it's also one of the simplest methods for beginners.


Though what exactly is affiliate marketing? I'll do my best to make it as simple as I can. Consider a scenario in which you adore a product that offers an affiliate program. When you sign up for the program, you receive a special link to utilize.


Now all you have to do is suggest the product in well-written blog posts and emails. You receive a commission that typically ranges from 3% to 40% when someone clicks on your link and buys something.



The top blogging affiliate programs


Compared to producing your own goods, it is more simpler because only two steps are required:


Create quality content

Share a product you already use and adore.


You don't have to be concerned about complicated things like customer service and sales funnels. Check out my ranking of the top affiliate programs for bloggers if you're ready to begin using affiliate marketing.


When you first start your site, learning how to develop a solid affiliate marketing strategy might be difficult. Because of this, I used the Affiliate Marketing Simplified course when I was a newbie.


It's inexpensive and walks you through each step you need to take to succeed with affiliate marketing. Thanks to my affiliate revenue, I was able to recoup the cost of the course in just two weeks.


PRO TIP: Did you know that promoting free offers can also result in affiliate sales? There are free offers on a lot of the digital products I advocate. You still receive a commission if your reader decides to buy a purchased item after taking the free course.


Bear in mind that the cookie length varies depending on the affiliate program. Certain cookies are better than others. It does, however, imply that your reader must buy the item before the cookie expires. You won't receive a commission if they decide to buy it afterward.


Produce digital goods (Products)

Let's move on to a different strategy for making money from your blog: digital goods. I adore them because you can develop them only once and sell them indefinitely. The only thing you stand to lose is the time you spend making the products; there are no fees involved.


This strategy is risk-free and ideal for beginning bloggers who don't have much money to spend. Let's look at some of the various digital things you can make:



You can write an eBook if you enjoy writing and have expertise in a particular subject. To learn new things, people are always looking for manuals and books.


Make sure your eBook is visually appealing as well. Using Canva, you may make your own eBook template, or you can buy one from Creative Market. Do not forget that a product must be appealing to your target audience; disregard the aesthetics of your eBook.



Printables are the ideal solution for you if you are not prepared to devote the time necessary to generate an eBook. A printable can be made more quickly, and because they are so inexpensive, they are quite popular.


To keep people interested, you must use your printables to address the problems of your audience. Consider the requirements of your audience and create a high-caliber product around those needs.


As I previously stated, ensure that your printables are visually appealing and check for grammar errors. Nobody wants to spend money on a product that is full of errors, right?


Simply conduct a market analysis and produce a work that your target market may print out and enjoy. For instance, you could make a downloadable planner if you blog about productivity and order. Every niche has ideas to offer.


Stock images and video


Did you know that stock images and videos are frequently sought after by bloggers, YouTubers, and other content producers? This could be the ideal blog monetization plan if you have a talent for photography or video graphics.


Anyone can purchase the rights to utilize stock photographs and videos for their creative projects. Not all content producers have the time or expertise to take their own pictures and films. That explains why successful memberships like Ivory Mix exist.


As a blogger, I constantly need fresh pictures to make pins. I don't have the time to take hundreds of pictures, and, let's face it, I'm not the finest photographer. There are lots of folks out there just like me.


You are not required to immediately create a membership. Simply build various packages and offer them for sale separately on your website.




Templates are another type of digital product that is in high demand. Because so many individuals dislike making their own, social media themes for Pinterest and Instagram are in high demand.


They seek attractive pins and posts that can be created quickly. Because of this, if you are creative, this is the ideal monetization method. With Canva, you can make templates that look good.


Since Canva is so simple to use, you don't necessarily need to be a skilled graphic designer, but you should at least be familiar with the fundamentals and have a decent eye for aesthetics.


Do not worry if you dislike graphic design. If you are proficient at copywriting, you can make templates that are merely text. People are often looking for templates to use when contacting brands about working together (in fact, I have a template in my shop).


By selling email text, sales page copy, and social media captions, you may also make money off of your copywriting abilities.


Create a course online


Let's look at another strategy I use to make money from my blog: developing an online course. Even though it takes more time than producing digital goods, this can be far more lucrative.


The cost of online courses is generally more expensive than the cost of ebooks. This is the best option for you if you are willing to devote more time and effort to creating more resources.


You must bear in mind a crucial fact: to make a good course, you must be an expert, and your knowledge must assist others in achieving their goals. Your starting point is your prior experience.

If you don't even produce outcomes for yourself, how can you produce a course? For instance, if you just established a blog three days ago, it is quite unlikely that you can develop a course on how to earn six figures from your blog. You lack experience and results at this time.


Additionally, you must make sure that your plan is effective for a variety of users. Because of this, I advise you to set up a small beta testing group and observe if they obtain results, if everything is clear, and if they have recurring issues that you can address to improve your course.


Take a look at this free course on how to construct an online course if you have no idea where to begin. When you are ready to devote more time to your course, you can upgrade to this reasonably priced course that will guide you step-by-step.


Your course doesn't need to cover topics like social networking, blogging, or digital marketing. These topics are in high demand, but many popular courses cover other subjects, like organizing interior design, and tarot readings. These are but a few; the list is limitless!


Provide services 


One of the simplest methods to monetize your blog is through this. Why not offer services if you are just starting out and want to start making money right away?


Finding a small number of clients at first and working closely with them is considerably simpler than getting enough traffic to consistently produce passive income.


In other words, if you are an expert in something, you can work as a consultant, coach, or freelancer. There are coaches for every area of your life, and coaching and consulting are currently quite profitable.


Check out my article on the internet businesses you can launch from home if you want more examples of the services you may provide.

Be imaginative and make sure you can deliver outcomes for your clients, just as in an online course. Before hiring you, many people will want to examine your portfolio, so I advise beginning with beta clients.


Offer your services at a cheap cost (or even for free at first), then start charging more as your experience and results increase. Just bear in mind that if you lack experience, most people won't want to pay for expensive services.


Start with reasonable costs because you must start somewhere to gain expertise and success. You'll then see that you'll be able to charge much more.

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It's all done for today. These are my top suggestions for novices to monetize their blogs. Are you prepared to make money from your blog? Use any of these tactics yourself? Comment below and let me know.


until we meet again.


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