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Bachelor's Degree: Remote Jobs That Require

Bachelor's Degree: Remote Jobs That Require

More than 60% of individuals don't use their college degrees.

You have several possibilities, including ones that let you work from home, if you recently graduated from college and are unsure about what to do next.

Here is a list of 15 remote positions that simply need a bachelor's degree.

Bachelor's Degree: Remote Jobs That Require

Best Side Businesses ($1,000+ monthly income)

Etsy printables for sale - The most profitable side business is selling printables. You may do this on your own time and earn money doing it! Selling printables might bring in over $10,000 a year for you.

Sell dog treats: From the comfort of your home, you may earn more than $1,000 selling dog treats. Make your own schedule and be your own boss.

Proofreading: Work from home and make $20+ per hour proofreading. Excellent for those who like editing and using a computer.

1. A graphic designer

Do you hold a degree in graphic design?

If so, you can submit applications for positions as an art director, web developer, graphic designer, and more.

Many employment for graphic designers are completely remote and available anywhere in the world.

Here is a list of companies with open positions for graphic artists:

I also advise making digital goods and selling them on Etsy if you have a creative side.

By selling Etsy printables, Julie from the site Millennial Boss is killing it in the realm of side jobs.

This side business is largely passive, meaning you complete the work in a single session and receive payment for it over the following months and years. Julie has earned over $5,000 by selling printables on Etsy in just a few hours of labor.

Recently, Julie launched Etsy Printables, where she explains in detail how to profit from selling printables on the website. Since it's one of the simplest ways to generate passive income, I've been through it myself and intend to add this to my side hustle.  

Are you interested in learning how to start selling printables on Etsy? This free resource offers a list of the top-selling items by month as well as advice on how to take advantage of seasonal patterns to increase sales. It's available for free and is AMAZING!

You may read my OUTSTANDING interview with Julie here. She provides screenshots of her printables, a revenue dashboard, and step-by-step instructions for getting started. 

2. Online teachers are required for all topics 

and they must be able to telecommute (work from home).

Online instructors are required right now for courses in German, Arabic, Spanish, K12, French, Italian, Math, and more.

There are hundreds of job listings for online teachers on FlexJobs, a job board that mostly features telecommuting positions.

Every position posted on the job board website is examined by FlexJobs to ensure that it is genuine and not a scam.

3. Tutor

There is a large need for tutors with a bachelor's degree in a particular subject online or at a university.

If you have a bachelor's degree in science or math with excellent grades, you can help students who are having a hard time with these topics while still earning a respectable wage.

Depending on your level of experience and the kind of certifications you hold, you can tutor online for up to $100 per hour.

Also hiring tutors is Chegg.

Find out here how to become an instructor. 

4. Computer programmer

On lists like the top 100 jobs, greatest STEM careers, and best technology jobs, software developers come in first place.

Even better, software developers earn over $125,000 annually, with the 75th percentile earning over $80,000 annually.

Here are more details on how to become a software developer.  

5. Online instruction of children in English

An excellent method to earn money at home while managing your own schedule is by teaching English online. Children in China are connected with teachers from nations like the United States through VIPKID. Through one-on-one online sessions, VIPKID connects young students with educators to make education more accessible.

Additionally ranked among the top 10 workplaces on GlassDoor, VIPKID offers a ton of fantastic benefits.

Benefits of working with VIPKID:

Establish your own schedule.

Work wherever and whenever you choose.

No obligation, no set number of hours

One-on-one instruction without lesson planning

VIPKID Payments send earnings of $14–$22 per hour directly to your bank account. 

Benefits for the community from businesses like Amazon, TurboTax, ClassPass, and others

More information regarding VIPKID's criteria can be found here.

6. Childcare Coordinator

Support for host families and au pairs is given by a childcare coordinator.

An au pair is essentially an international live-in nanny.

The au pair aids in the education of the child or youngsters who are learning a foreign language.

Typically, childcare coordinators simply need a bachelor's degree.

Here is more information on how to become a daycare coordinator. 

7. K12

Kids and teenagers can attend K12's online school.

Kids may learn from the comfort of their homes by navigating through K12's extensive portfolio of courses that have won numerous awards.

The courses include fascinating lessons, videos, and interactive games.

K12 is what it is because of the engaging and enjoyable online classroom provided by online teachers.

K12 information can be found here.

8. Interpreter

Different languages require translators.

Language proficiency in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and other languages is required for jobs in the field, which are typically remote jobs.

Jobs for translators can be found here.

9. Using EF Education to teach English

Chinese students can interact with online English tutors on the EF Education website.

You might earn up to $20 per hour plus extra by teaching English online. Working from home, choosing your own hours, and having a job that makes people happy and pleased are all benefits.

You may fill out an application to teach for EF Education here.

10. Personal Trainer

It's not often necessary to have a bachelor's degree in exercise science or a closely related field, but the more certifications, the better.

Fitness coaches and personal trainers can work outside of gyms as well.

You can set up an online blog or website 

where you can list your services.

Online services offered by fitness coaches include developing workout plans for use at the gym or at home, nutrition plans, and other services that promote better lifestyles.

If you don't already have a website, continue reading to learn more about how to establish one.

Don't forget to register for the free resource library to have access to unique free printables and planners for budgeting, planning meals, and more!

Do you desire a home office? What activities interest you?

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