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The Best Advice for Managing Projects in SEO Agencies

The Best Advice for Managing Projects in SEO Agencies 

One of the top marketing avenues with a profitable return on investment is SEO. According to a recent eCommerce benchmarking analysis, visitors who came via organic search have a 2.8% conversion rate on average.


We believe it's safe to state that having a solid SEO strategy in place is one of your top options for raising your rankings while also increasing conversions and revenue. However, as SEO is an asynchronous activity, carrying it out on a wide scale is difficult.



Why should I manage projects?



We frequently associate the terms Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall with the software development sector. However, according to statistics, project management techniques are employed in all business sectors, with as many as 61% of teams using them to enhance the planning and execution of their projects.


Are you still unsure of the relationship between project management and SEO? Isn't SEO just a technological technique used to increase website traffic?


What Is Project Management For SEO?



Using a predetermined working methodology, SEO project management is the skillful management of time, people, and technological resources to complete an SEO-related project.


The number of resources needed for website analysis, content audit, keyword mapping, on-page optimization, UI corrections, link securing, and audience analysis are defined and allocated by SEO project management, which organizes work into "buckets" of work. Not only that, but it links them together in chains.


Additionally, due to the increased interdependence among team members working on various SEO-related tasks in SEO businesses, project management for SEO has grown to be of utmost importance. Because SEO agencies, where all the projects employ "shared" resources, enhance the complexity of SEO campaigns.


To produce the desired outcomes on time, SEO project management is all about overseeing and directing your team members through the project goals, resources, and workflows. The actions of an SEO team must be planned, carried out, monitored, and controlled, just like the activities of any other team from a different business.


SEO Project Management Benefits for SEO Agencies


Communication between team members and with clients can flow easily with effective project management. It gives SEO businesses the much-needed structure they require for increased productivity and dependability. In addition to all of this, it enables you to provide your customer a translucent aura.


  • Your agency can benefit from a rational SEO project management activity by:
  • Maintain constant communication with the client and the rest of the team.
  • Learn how to effectively prioritize projects with clear objectives and goals.
  • For each project, establish roles, responsibilities, dependencies, and specifications.
  • Determine and identify hazards and obstacles
  • When a project is completed successfully, gauge progress.
  • Take corrective action more rapidly


Guidelines for Successful Project Management for SEO Companies


The SEO process can occasionally be time-consuming and difficult. When many of these initiatives arrive at once, you must be skilled at allocating time and resources to each one. We have put together the following SEO project and process management advice to help you out a little.


1. Project launch


Interaction with the client starts during this stage. As the project manager, you should go over every detail with the customer. You should create a concise list of weekly, biweekly, or monthly deliverables based on the discussion. This communication will assist you in better comprehending the client's needs and will set up your team to be in the best possible position to produce results. Use a collaborative document to retain a record of each communication, expert advice says. Establish your short- and long-term goals according to client expectations.


2. Create a clear plan.


The process of developing an SEO strategy can be quite difficult and intricate. For this reason, having a clear action plan is essential if one wants to get the intended results. Considering that 70% of businesses worldwide failed to fulfill at least one project in the past 12 months, creating a written SEO strategy should be a top priority.

3. Clearly Specify Each SEO Project


creating a thorough format You can streamline the procedure with the aid of an SEO project. To do that, you'll need to determine the available resources as well as the pressing issues, and then prioritize your tasks accordingly.



The following actions will structure the process:

  • Starting point: Complete a to-do list first. With your team, go over the timetables and the strategic to-do list. When your team has approved a to-do list, only commit to it.
  • Planning: Plan the job and estimate the number of people and the amount of time needed. The team's equipment needs would then be determined. You can decide to seek outside assistance for tasks that your internal staff is not particularly skilled at after consulting with them about it. And don't forget to include a buffer period in case a few things are delayed.
  • Execution: Put your plan into action and go to work. But remember to document each activity as well as the entire project process.
  • Measuring: Almost 70% of people don't succeed in their aims. You are not unique. So, compare your accomplishments to your goals. It would be preferable if you could adopt a flexible planning model at the outset, but if you can't, you must have a direct conversation with your team and take proactive steps to ensure project success.
  • Control: Fix your flaws and take corrective action. Add more resources if necessary, and don't be afraid to make difficult choices.



4. Keep in constant and open communication

Regular team and client communication enables you to establish a clear project understanding. Regular check-ins can be done daily, weekly, or monthly with the client and weekly, fortnightly, or monthly with your staff, depending on the workflow. A good idea is to keep meetings brief and focused to avoid wasting a lot of time.

5. Establish an appropriate schedule for the advancement and completion of all tasks.

Any project must start with a proper timeline. It includes precise tasks assigned to team members and a completion date for each task. Fast delivery, lower risk, increased production, and tracking of progress are all ensured by a structured timeline. With this approach, we make every effort to guarantee that the delay brought on by a specific task does not negatively impact the project as a whole.


6. List any potential risks or obstacles that might arise.

Roadblocks can halt you dead in your tracks. A key aspect of project management is recognizing these obstacles and responding to problems. Project managers are the most likely to be able to spot any obstacles, and it is their responsibility to take action.


As an illustration, a team member who typically handles content optimization is unwell. A project manager can easily ask a different team or an outside freelancer for assistance.


7. Bring the appropriate project management tool and all of your plans and data.

Project management for SEO can be greatly improved by using the appropriate tool. Ensure that the tools you employ are straightforward for both your team and your clients. Your top goal should always be the satisfaction and comfort of the staff and the client. You can manage yours. When you use the proper tools, managing SEO tasks is considerably simpler.


Here are some of the project management tools I've personally chosen: 

For the best project management software.


  • Hive: With this tool, you may coordinate projects between many departments.
  • With this program, you may manage all of your responsibilities on a single platform.
  • Semrush CRM: With this multifaceted management tool, you can efficiently complete all of your customer management activities in one location.
  • Trello: This application enables you to build boards for project management.
  • Slack: For communicating with others outside the company
  • Dropbox and Google Drive can be used for quick file transfers.


8. Track and report the project's progress

A project manager's responsibility also includes monitoring the progress of each task. Employees maintain focus and achieve their goals via measuring. A successful project-tracking strategy fosters a sense of accountability among team members.


9. Add Materials Should They Fail

You should constantly check to see whether resources are running low as an SEO project manager. Making the most of the resources at your disposal for a project should be your goal. Keep in mind that your team and your non-human resources are on the same team if you can manage your project timetable.


10. Improve Collaboration and Communication Strategies


  • Effective and transparent communication is the secret to success, as every excellent SEO project manager is aware of.
  • You won't be able to reach the end result without ongoing input and clear lines of communication.
  • Look for the difficulties your team is having, discuss these with your client, and be honest and cooperative.



11. Give Your Team Credit


Always foster a culture of appreciation among your team members.

Being an effective project manager means recognizing and appreciating your team.

This aids in establishing a productive and tranquil work environment.

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