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Set up some suitable actions and habits

Set up some suitable actions and habits

You'll inevitably need to adjust or change a number of your routines and habits once you move out of your parent's house. Making sure you eat healthy, doing the laundry, or getting ready for the work week just becomes something you do rather than duties to put off as you start to plan your relocation is the ideal moment to start changing things around.




Every morning, make your bed. Consider your bedroom to be your haven. How nice it is to arrive home after a long day and make your bed;

When you go home, put your clothing away. Be kind to yourself in the future. You won't feel excitement searching through various clothing piles for the ideal t-shirt for 20 minutes;


As you cook, clean. Clean up the kitchen and put everything away before you start cooking. So that you may wash your hands as you go, then fill the sink with hot, soapy water. After that, you can enjoy your supper while having just one or two things to clean;


Stack the dishes. Someone else's dishes taking up sink space is one of the major problems in shared housing. Do it now. (Consider cockroaches crawling over the plates one night; disgusting.)


Exercise. Every day, at the very least, spend 20 minutes taking a stroll.




Create a meal plan. On a Sunday, you don't have to go wild preparing lots of food. Simply make a list of easy recipes for the coming week so you won't have to worry about them when you're exhausted after work.

Clean your clothing. Sorting, washing, and drying your laundry should take less than an hour. While you are waiting for the cycle to complete, complete a few tasks from your cleaning list, such as sweeping cobwebs off the bathroom benches.

Various laundry. Every week, wash the tea towels, towels, and pillowcases.


Remove the trash cans. the evening before garbage pickup day.




Wash your sheets. If you perspire while sleeping or if you have guests around, wash them more frequently.

Put gas in the vehicle. The best times to get a decent deal are typically Wednesday afternoon or evening. Clean your windshield while you're there.




Car Service for Minis. (Check the tire pressure, water, oil, etc.);

At-home mini facial and manicure/pedicure. Keep your hands, feet, and face in good shape all year.


Organize the refrigerator. The fridge should ideally be cleaned before a major purchase. Remove everything and scrub the fruit and vegetable crisper, shelves, doors, and seals with warm, soapy water.


six weeks in a row


Lease inspection is the obligatory but dreaded rent inspection.

Grooming. Get your hair cut frequently, ideally every six weeks. A decent trim can improve your mood as well as your appearance.


Every two years


car maintenance. To adapt your budget, ask the mechanic whether there is anything that will need to be replaced soon.


Dentist. Get a checkup and a cleaning to keep your bright whites shining.




Tax. If you're fortunate, the taxman might give you some money back. The ATO won't forget you if you put off filing your taxes, especially if you owe money.

Review your basic spending plan.


Plan a vacation. So that you have something to look forward to, start making travel plans for the following year. Planning a getaway can help the year fly by.


To feel (and appear) more in charge of your life, start some positive rituals and behaviors.


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