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Whether you are running a single small business or several, there are always a number of activities going on. Too many tasks at once could be difficult to manage without causing a mess at work.


This is why it makes sense for organizations to use business management software to stay on top of things.


Proofhub is one of the best business process management software

With the help of ProofHub, a comprehensive business management tool, firms can organize all of their work in one central location. Teams can easily visualize their daily responsibilities on this central platform as it helps them sort through the clutter, by creating an account management softwares.

The idea of the software is to organize all of your project requirements into one place for easy access. The need for multiple apps is eliminated by ProofHub because everything can be done in one location, including updating, collaborating, and managing assignments.


Your team members can be given tasks to complete, and you can check in with them for updates as needed. You can also track their progress as they complete their assignments. Making meeting notes and planning your remaining week is simple. You can broadcast announcements to the entire workplace, which enables you to express greetings to everyone. Using personal or group chat, team members can even contact one another immediately.


Managers and their direct reports can quickly designate tasks as "done" after approving the last revisions to the deliverers. You can manage and distribute files with ProofHub

You may even ping the client with a progress update to make sure everything is completed on time and in one place.


ProofHub provides a range of productivity tools to assist companies of all sizes in enhancing project results.


The key ProofHub features listed below are the ones you want to see in your business management software.


small business management software, Concentrate on what's important.


The task management section of ProofHub handles the creation, administration, and tracking of tasks within a project. Gantt charts and a visual-friendly Kanban format make it easy to plan and organize the team's tasks. 


All of your tasks are organized in ProofHub's Table view like a live Excel spreadsheet. It is especially useful for someone who has spent their entire working life working with tables due to the number of column functions.. Using custom fields, you can further change the task view to meet your specific needs.. You can see all of the tasks that have been assigned to you for the week in the calendar view, so you always know when to follow up on critical errands.



Other helpful task management options available on ProofHub include a task deadline, quick task notifications (both in-app and by email), and task workflows, which simplify the job for business management software. 


Keep track of your due dates.


ProofHub maintains track of the time-spending habits of your team, enabling you to manage your workload. By utilizing technology for time logging, monitoring, and reporting, you can achieve time accountability.


The timer on ProofHub is an automated time-tracking tool that records how much time you spend on each task. It is easy to start the timer when the task is started and to stop it when it is finished.


In ProofHub, time sheets are used to display the time that your team has clocked, much like spreadsheets. The tasks that take up the most time from your staff's perspective as well as the total number of billable hours they have accrued are all available to you in detail.

No more fruitless looking for vital documents.


ProofHub is a great tool for managing file copies, versioning, and organizing all in one place for easy access. It offers 100 GB (expandable) of file storage space for all of your project data and a neatly organized file system. 


You can submit all of your project files to ProofHub and organize them into distinct folders. The Files area will have easy access to all of your attachments. You can attach files to communication modules like team chat, discussions, and tasks as well.


You can also make numerous versions of a single file with a version history under the files section. . Upload updated copies, go back to earlier versions, and distribute the completed project. with ease and your team.


Your team is operating efficiently.


Every business leader wants to be aware of the everyday activities of his or her team without interfering or micromanaging. With ProofHub, you can easily monitor the daily actions and advancements of your team. 

You may acquire a thorough understanding of the status of your project by using the project reports in ProofHub. You'll be able to tell whether a team member needs some motivation or if a project is falling behind before things get out of hand. 

You may view all the alterations and updates that have been made to your projects using ProofHubs activity tracker. It keeps you informed of every action a team member does. As a result, whenever one of your team members completes a task, provides feedback, hits a milestone, adds a note, etc., you will automatically be notified.


The 'Me view' in ProofHub is an excellent tool for tracking your individual productivity and performance. People can readily view all of the tasks that have been allocated to them, as well as what has been completed and what needs to be done first.


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